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Happy Dog = Happy Life

  At Interactive Dog Rescue Training & Psychology Centre, you will find everything you need for your dog. Our 6400 square feet facility includes a 2000 square feet outdoor compound.  We offer all types of training and services such as private and in house dog training, board & training, Agility and Dog Scent Training. 


  Our mission and our passion is to help with local & international dog rescue to rehabilitate, retrain, and to re-home. We are here for your everyday dog as we  specialize in positive behaviour & training needs,

which will improve drastically & behaviour modification training and we will work with any type of behaviour issue including aggression. We are here to help your dog learn social skills and the right behaviour to be a better family member so that you can unleash the full potential as "man kinds best friend."

Please contact us if you have any questions, book an adoption appointment or private dog training today at 416 750 DOGS (3647)

Specialize in 1 on 1 Positive Reinforcement & Behaviour Modification Training

At Interactive Dog Rescue Training & Psychology Centre, we will evaluate your dog's behaviour so that we can give your dog the training or behaviour modification that they need. We soothe your dog's mind, body & soul with positive reinforcement allowing them to be a better dog & family member, while giving you a better understanding of your dog's life & needs.

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