Henry is a 2 year old  beautiful blue eyes Siberian Husky with Shepherd Mix that came to us from Montreal. Due to certain changes and circumstances in the household that he was in, they surrendered him to us. Henry has no issues, no resource guarding, not aggressive, he's socialize and plays well with other dogs. He is neutered, up to date with his vaccination and is microchipped. He will make a good companion for a single male with strong personality and will keep up with his training with us at the Centre. 

This is Laurent. he's a 1 and a half years old Golden Retriever Terrier cross, from Kuwait. He will need extensive training so he can learn to redirect his energy so that he can calm down with less stress. He needs to be socialize with other dogs. Laurent doesn't know how to greet another dog yet and can result in a fight. He will need someone with adequate dog knowledge, patience and dog training to keep up with the training he's already getting at our centre.  He comes fixed, microchipped and up to date with his vaccines.





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