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Rescued 2019

Titan a 2 year old American Bulldog rescued from an abandoned basement. The owners just left him there when they moved. He's good with other dogs, has no food or toy aggression. Titan is apprehensive with new people but takes only minutes before he warms up to you. He is looking for a forever home with a single person or a couple with a lot of patience, attentive, and must have adequate knowledge of dogs and training.

***Titan has been Adopted***

Titan on his way to my house 


Look how happy & calm he is

The Truth About Titan 

So this guy by the name of Kian Rahmanii decided to make his own assumptions up about us and what we did or did not do with Titan. He claims that we did not rescue Titan but only found him and then gave him to the Toronto Humane Society @ 11 River St  Toronto, ON M5A 4C2 and looking skinny and really sick, we did not do that. This is the truth about how Titan was rescued on June,2,2019 @ 6:54 pm

We got a call that day from a Bulldog Rescue somewhere up in North Durham,ON about a bulldog cross named Titan. They said that they had found him in a basement after the people moved and left him there. I asked them if you have him, then why do you need us ? She said that he was out of control, aggressive and they could not handle him and if we could heIp. I said yes we can and my partner and I drove up approximately 1.5 hours to pick him up.


Video #1 shows us getting him out of the Bulldog Rescue's basement. Please note the condition & weight of Titan other than having pee all over him, he is in great condition. Please also note how long it took me to make friends with him and No Muzzle, No E-colllar & No Aggression. He looked happy  & relieved that he was getting out of the cage.

Video #1 getting him out of basement


Video #2 first time Titan was out of basement in a long time according to the rescue that called us

Other than having too much energy from being caged for so long  and having to pee very bad, I had no problems with handling him. In fact he was just a big puppy that was very unsure of himself and others, but no aggression at all.  Please note all the people that work at this rescue will not come near me because of Titan.  Yet I have no problems with him. In fact,  I have his muzzle in my hand, no E-Collar & no Aggression. Please also note the condition he is in and his weight. He looks great!


Second part of Video #2 - Titan first time out of the basement 

Titan again has No muzzle, No Aggression or E-Collar.   Please note the condition he's in. Weight is good and he's not trying to eat me. I really don't understand why everyone didn't want to have anything to do with Titan. I've had to deal with dogs WAY worse and more Aggressive then Titan. I still have yet used a Muzzle or E-Collar on any dog that I have rescued or trained. If you know what you are doing you don't need this kind of stuff to train dogs. Just positive reinforcement and the right energy.  


Video # 3 Titan first time meeting my girl Anouk

Titan really did not know what to do or how to play at first. But as soon as he met my Anouk, the puppy play come out of him and they started to play like  how dogs are supposed to. Again please note Titan did not try to eat me and no Muzzle no E-Collar & no Aggession. Please note the condition he's in, he looks great and very well behaved. If you watch near the end of the video Titan becomes submissive by laying on his back showing his most vulnerable area; his belly. He's a great dog!

Video #4 Titan first time meeting my boy Cyrus inside

Titan came inside to meet Cyrus for the first time, they did great. Please note there was food out so no resource guarding.

 Please note how Cyrus & Anouk just sat and let Titan smell them with no reaction,excitement or Aggression.They are really well behaved. They help me so much with bringing other dogs out of their shells, they are the best helper dogs ever.

Please also note the condition he's in, he look's great and very well behaved. The only reason I have a sliplead is just in case Titan becomes reactive towards my dogs. I can control my dogs verbally and with hand signals.  Please remember this is all within two hours of us rescuing him up to this point.


This was the second day of Titan's rescue and his chance for a new life. He does great with play. Still No Muzzle no E-Collar & no Aggression. Please note the condition he's in. Weight is good and he's not trying to eat me. Food is out and available for all and still no resource guarding.


Video # 6 Titan now knows how to play.  Cyrus & Anouk love him. All they do is play, it's great!

Titan's 5th day with me and my dogs. He's doing amazing and still no resource guarding.No Muzzle, No E-Collar & No Aggression. Please note the condition he's in and weight is good. At this point Titan really doesn't have any behaviour issues and is doing great at meeting new people for the first time. Almost no reactions to people and if he does as long as your a strong pack leader and show him what's good from bad, he'll have no problems.  I do not know why anyone would just leave him. He's a great dog and would make an amazing member to just about any family. 


One of the saddest day's of my life, the day we had to give him up 

Titan had been with me for around 10 days. I had been working with him on everyday basic training IE sit, come, stay, lay down, giving space, eating the right way; not fast, playing with toys and other dogs, socializing with people and everyday noises. Titan did great! He passed with flying colours! There would be no reason for him not to be adopted now.

Unfortunately, our business and centre had been closed down so I had no choice but to reach out to the Toronto Humane Society at 11 River St, Toronto ON M5A 4C2 and ask them if they could help find him a home. They said they would have to do a Temperament Evaluation and that if he passed they could take him.  So knowing how well he is doing and what I worked with him on, I felt every confident that he would pass the temperament assessment and evaluation.


So off we went so I thought, as you can see from first picture of  Titan is asleep because he got so bored waiting for me to make up my mind. I was so upset and distraught. I couldn't stop crying. I don't want anything but the best for this guy.  He had been through so much already, it was really hard. The second picture of Titan is of us about to leave as you can see by his look he knows something is wrong so he's giving me those big puppy dog eyes.

When we got to the Toronto Humane Society, I filled out the paper work for him but I wouldn't sign off on him until they did the temperament assessment and evaluation and passed. Titan passed!  They assured me that he  would be adopted out to a new home and they would not put him to sleep. So I said my good byes, gave him kisses and hugs, told him to be good and left. I found that I couldn't drive away for more than an hour, sitting in my car, crying & shaking, debating if I should go back inside to get him. 

 I can't remember when but, this guy Kian Rahmanii contacted me awhile later asking why I have Titan on my website saying that we found his forever home when he is at Animal Control. I then said something along the lines of why didn't you start with that, as well as thank you for letting me know he was there and not at the Toronto Humane Society. Not much was said after that. My partner and I then jumped in my car drove to the Toronto Humane Society where I left him. When we got there I was upset so I asked to speak with someone that could help with this matter. The person that worked at the counter assisted us and looked up Titan in their system and confirmed that he had been adopted. The person showed us pictures of Titan in his new backyard, in a pool and on his new bed. At this point I was every happy as you could understand he had a new forever home and we left. 

 More to come!!! Please be patient 


We will not be able to post anything about Titan. The Toronto Police @ 51 division, officer Graham Ellis 416.808.5100 or 416.808.2222 are now involved and would like to talk to Kian Rahmanii, as well as my lawyers will be contacting him and all the people that left fake reviews for him on my Google. It's Harassment, Slander & Defamation of Character. 

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