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Interactive Dog Rescue Training & Psychology Centre

  Jeffrey and I met at the dog park in 2017 and we found out that we both had so much similarities and passion & love for dogs. In 2018, we opened our Interactive Dog Training & Psychology Centre in Scarborough and within less than a month we were receiving calls from owners wanting to surrender their dogs to us due to personal family circumstances in their household. 

  After doing the research, we found that there is a 60% return rate of dog being surrendered to rescues after adopting a dog within 1-3 yrs. We found this utmost disturbing. Jeffrey and I talked and did more research and we knew we had to do something about this and to help the dogs. I was bitten on my leg the same year and due to the severity of my injury I was not able to work or walk for almost 3 months, we had to close the centre because of lack of funding and mental health and Jeffrey was working from his home doing house training and board and train. 


  In 2019, we changed our company name to Interactive Dog Rescue Training & Psychology Centre and Jeffrey's beloved Sadee passed away which caused much pain & heartache to this day. 


  In March 2020, the world got the worst pandemic, Covid19. This shut down many businesses, but Jeffrey and I found a 6400 square feet facility in North York that we call home. The centre has a 4400 square feet indoor space with 20 kennels and a full agility obstacle course and a play area. The outdoor compound area is 2000 square feet with grass for the dogs to play & run and socialize. Everything was demolition and built by Jeffrey. We used our own personal savings to fund this rescue with a few small donations. 

  Our mission and passion is to help with local and international rescues to save as many dogs so they find their forever home. Our rescue is a "No Kill/Skid Row" facility for dogs. We take in all type of dogs behaviour, as we believe and know that all dogs can be retrained & rehabilitated back to a puppy with positive reinforcement.

 Please contact us if you want to volunteer at or call us at 1.647.878.7002 

  ~ Please help to make our dreams come true for the dogs! ~

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